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The Find Antiques is an online retail platform for people wanting to buy Antiques with the addition of learning how to integrate modern/contemporary design with antique furniture. Priding itself on attention to detail, product knowledge and sourcing fine quality pieces, our Antiques are sourced from a selection of deceased estates, auction houses and direct from France and the United Kingdom.

The Find Antiques is about being adventurous with your antique piece, creating an ideal blend of modern and antique that inspires and challenges your sense of style and perception alike. It is about creating a design space in your home that elicits your unique sense of beauty, style and richness. Owner and Creative Director, Danielle Rusko’s dedication to detail and ability to source beautiful, unique antique furniture and objects d’art that speak of a labour of love, integrity and soul life, it allows the opportunity to work closely with her clients. Whether the pieces are for a client’s home, photoshoot, or in collaboration with interior designers, she ensures that the character and heritage of the antique features to add depth and texture to the interior.

Having worked alongside some of Queensland's leading Interior Stylists and Photographers, The Find Antiques can offer you and your clients individual pieces or a collection of fine Antique furniture and unusual decorative objects.



Danielle Rusko
Curator of Beautiful Pieces

As the next generation Owner and Creative Director of The Find Antiques, Danielle Rusko’s style is recognised for bringing Antiques into the “Now” by giving them a new lease of life when introduced to modern and contemporary living spaces, creating a dynamic style and special synergy that reflects the clients individual style and need.

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I want to show people that they do not need to be afraid of Antiques, as they are still quite functional in their use and not just as decorative items. It is not about having a house full of antiques anymore, but how one or two statement pieces can really add a touch of individualism and add depth and texture to a room.
— Danielle Rusko - Owner