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How important is Provenance with Antiques + Fine Art


The Find Antiques Melbourne has an exclusive collection of International French and English Antiques with important provenance. From a French Sevres Style Porcelain Mantle Clock owned by the only Gentleman, a Mr Harris Bigg-Wither, who was engaged to Jane Austen of Pride and Prejudice fame for one night, to an exquisite 18th Century Louis XV Period Duchesse en Bateau from the Chateau de Valençay which Napoleon bought in 1803 for his famous Foreign Affairs Minister, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, so that the minister could receive European dignitaries in style.

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For some it may be very important and for others not so… I would say it depends on the person and potentially what reason they are buying, e.g., for investment, for interior styling, because they like the piece, it’s functionality, for green environmental sustainability, or it could be an heirloom, or a piece handed down from family or been inherited…

I believe having an understanding of Provenance is important if you are an Antique buyer as the value of a piece is affected greatly by it. However, it doesn’t alone determine the total value of a piece.

Provenance is the history of ownership and documentation of either purchased or acquired pieces and from this, can add substantial value as it can attribute ownership in the past to a famous or important historical figure. It can also add authenticity if it was purchased from a respectable antique dealer or gallery.

Not only can provenance determine the authenticity of an antique, but it can tell you a lot about its history. Provenance can reveal where an antique was made and sometimes by whom, who purchased or sold it, and its location at a given point of time.

It also helps the buyer understand why an antique with provenance can realise incredibly higher prices over another similar piece. For all enquiries or to arrange an appointment to view (Video or Skype available) please email us here or contact The Find Antiques direct on

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