Impressive 20th Century Bespoke Large Gold Leaf Louis XVI Style French Trumeau Mirror


Impressive 20th Century Bespoke Large Gold Leaf Louis XVI Style French Trumeau Mirror

c. 1960’s, Australia

Created by Australian renowned furniture maker William White, is this absolute one of a kind, handcrafted Louis XVI Style French Trumeau mirror that is impressive in stature and modern craftsmanship and spectacular in aesthetic.

Exquisite William White creations have found their way to all parts of the world, and closer to home, over 100 of his unique pieces decorate the foyer and main public areas of the exclusive Hyatt Regency in Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The creation of the mirror was born from the love of a young woman, soon to be betrothed and was to be a cherished gift for their wedding. Unfortunately, the promise of love was not to be and so the mirror was sold to another, where it had adorned their walls for over 60 years.

This inspired original was handcrafted by William and his son Adam, using sculpted gesso and mellow timbers recovered from the past. This piece is an individual creation and each step in its production was painstakingly completed by hand. Timbers that have lived before underwent a metamorphosis, to be lovingly hand painted, gilded, polished and adorned.

The top decoration evokes a sense of divine beauty and grace, a homage to the classical motifs used during the Louis XVI era, with the presence of a Diana bearing a cup enclosed in a circle of florals tied off with a bow of ribbons which stands out beautifully. Further decorations of Floral garlands showcase the remaining top section.

The central section features a large arched mirror plate surrounded by a molded frame.

The grandeur of the mirror with its proportions, presence and exquisite detailing is a testament to the artisan’s craft of meticulously recreating a work of art that looks and feels like it had been crafted over 200 years ago. It has been aged to perfection.

If you are looking for an impressive one of a kind mirror that will amplify the beauty and light in your surroundings, you will undeniably be impressed by the craftsmanship and soul of this exquisite Trumeau Mirror.

This mirror is very solid and heavy. The back of the mirror features the details and story of William White and his son Adam.


H 214.5cm x W 134.3cm x D 8 cm


Sold As Is. Wear consistent with age and use.