A Large Stiffel Porcelain and Bronze Library Lamp


c.1930’s, Boston America

A Large Stiffel Porcelain and Bronze Library Lamp

An early white porcelain lamp with custom finished dark bronze fittings. A commanding presence due to its unusual height and would suit a gentleman’s office or to light up any sideboard or hallway feature. Retains its original silk pleated lamp shade.

For those seeking a more contemporary lamp that still bears the hallmarks of its eighteenth-century brethren, Stiffel lamps are a marvelous choice.

The Stiffel Lamp Company opened in the 1930s in Chicago and steadily grew a reputation for producing finely crafted lamps. Using twentieth-century materials in innovative ways, Stiffel also prided itself on reviving some of the best-loved styles from historical eras. The beauty of Stiffel Library lamps on the market today is that they exude an air of historical elegance while also often maintaining a more modest price point.

If you take pride in possessing the unusual as well as the finest, then Stiffel should be your choice in lamps. Precise craftsmanship and magnificent design combine to make Stiffel Lamps the world’s finest.


H: 1.03m x D: 45cm (lamp shade width)


Sold As Is. In Good Condition. Original silk shade requires replacing.

Historical Notes

Over the years Stiffel Lamp has contributed a myriad of accomplishments to the lamp industry, including the invention of the patented Stiffel Switch, the pole lamp and unparalleled accomplishments in design.