A Louis Philippe Period Gilt Mirror with Crest


c.1850, France

A beautiful antique mirror that originates in France. The mirror has the upper rounded corners typical for Louis Philippe mirrors. A beautifully carved ornamented crest with foliate flanked by acanthus and C-scrolls decorated with lattice.

The mirror frame is completely gold leaf gilt with a red bole undertone that shines through slightly. A beaded inner border and etched floral and geometric motifs presents on each side of the frame and lattice decoration presenting the top frame.

Comes with its original mercury mirror glass plate in very good condition with minor blemishes.


H 156cm x W 84cm


Sold As Is. In good condition commensurate with age. Comes with original mercury mirror. Presenting with minor restoration work.

Historical Notes


Known as the “Citizen King,” Louis Philippe reigned from 1830 to the Revolution of 1848 with the support of the upper bourgeoisie.

Whereas the monarchs of 18th-century France, including Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, dictated aesthetics through the decadence of the aristocratic court, Louis Philippe had a more down-to-earth presence. He could be seen walking the streets like an ordinary person, carrying his own umbrella and shaking hands with subjects.

Antique Louis Philippe–style furniture reflects a sense of simplicity and the sovereign’s passion for the country’s history, such as his establishment of a Museum of the History of France at Versailles, which had been mostly disused since the French Revolution.