A 17th Century Royal Aubusson Tapestry by ISAAC MOILLON (1614-1673)


The Find Antiques is proud to offer this exquisite 17th Century Royal Aubusson Tapestry by Isaac Moillon (1614-1673) depicting the Banquet of Dido and Aeneas.

The scene is set in the grand palace of Carthage, where the guests of the banquet are installed. To the right Dido, captivated by Aeneas’ charm, after a song by the minstrels, is encircles with the arm of Cupid. Aeneas, accompanied by Achate (being served wine), tells Dido the story of the misfortunes of Troy.

Tapestry encircled with a rich border with decor of garlands of flowers.

Signed down to the right “ A Fleurs de Lys B ” meaning Royal factory of Aubusson


H 280cm x W 375cm


Sold As Is. In Good Condition. Comensurate with age and wear.

Historical Notes

Historial Note: The story of Dido and Aeneas is one of the world’s most tragic love stories, first described in Virgil’s Aeneid, then Marlowe’s Dido, Queen of Carthage and Henry Purcell and Nahum Tate’s opera Dido and Aeneas. Before Aeneas founded Rome, he was a Trojan soldier. When Troy fell, he left with his followers in seven ships. He was shipwrecked on the shores of Carthage, the great African city ruled by Queen Dido. Dido and Aeneas fell deeply in love, but the gods called Aeneas away to fulfill his destiny in Italy, and Dido was left heartbroken and alone. In her despair, she built a funeral pyre and committed suicide atop it.

Bibliography: Tapestry represented by Mrs Nicole de Reyniès in her work on Isaac Moillon « a painter of the King in Aubusson » page 210 with on the page 211 of the coloured reproductions of several tapestry with some variants on the same topic.
Somogy editions of art, departmental museum of the tapestry Aubusson, June, 2005